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The creative team would like to extend a very hearty thanks to the New York Metropolitan Opera tenor, Kristian Benedikt, for graciously taking the time to record Ah, My Love, the final aria of the hero of our opera. Mr. Benedikt brought the composer into the bowels of the Met itself for an enchanting rehearsal of the aria, which may be viewed by clicking here. Both composer and librettist had the pleasure of Mr. Benedikt's company on a number of social occasions, which made for inspiring evenings, not least a reception for him (of gastronomic Eastern European delights) after his Met performance of Samson in Camille Saint-Saens' Samson and Delilah.


Mr. Benedikt was introduced to us by our friend, Alex Sepkus, the internationally respected jewelry designer, who like the Met opera star was born and raised in Lithuania. Alex and his wife, Dange, herself a gifted photographer, were able to flee communist-controlled Lithuania before the fall of the Berlin Wall and settled in New York City. Over time, Alex built up a thriving business. He was a man of considerable literary culture. Early on, Alex saw in our work the potential of a great opera and became an avid supporter. Very sadly, we lost Alex in September of 2021 after a battle with cancer. We have dedicated the opera trailer to him. He is, and will be, greatly missed. But we are happy and grateful to have the friendship and encouragement of Alex's spouse, who remains the chef d'or of our circle.